In partnership with mental health experts, we’ve gathered resources and tools to help you find a harmony of health for body and mind during these uncertain times.
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Icon of family of three
Stay connected from afar.
Having quality time with loved ones is important to maintaining your overall well-being.
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icon of person exercising
Active movement.
Improve overall mood and decrease stress with physical activity.
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icon of schedule clipboard
Maintain a routine.
Keeping a schedule helps maintain balance during times of unpredictability.
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icon of device with wifi
Limit screen-time.
While technology helps keep us connected and informed, it's important to offset constant exposure.
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icon of person meditating
Focus on mindfulness.
Practicing meditation, learning mindfulness, or incorporating spiritual practices can help you find grounding during stressful times.
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icon of person sleeping on bed
Make bedtime relaxing.
Preserving your sleep routine and catching some quality z's helps your body recharge and refresh.
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Icon of smiling face
Spark joy.
Engaging in those moments that make us smile stand as a reminder that there is more to life than the stressors we face.