Essential Workers

While it’s your job to care for others, it’s also your job to take care of yourself. Discover strategies that help put your emotional needs on the frontline, before you head out to work.

If you’re an emergency responder it’s important to take time to care for yourself too. Addressing your wellbeing is key in order to feel well, stay sharp, and continue to provide excellent care to those in critical conditions.
Having trouble sleeping? That’s not uncommon during today’s precarious times. Check out the CBT-i coach for actionable ways to help you work on getting a restful sleep to recharge your body and mind.
Discover a collection of apps with tools and information to equip you in managing PTSD-related symptoms and stress, learning to practice mindfulness and strengthening parenting skills.
It’s important to care for yourself just as much as you do those you’re assisting. Therapy can help you cope with anxiety, stress, or other emotions you are experiencing.
A free, and confidential support line service made up of volunteer psychiatrists to provide peer support for physician colleagues and American medical students as they navigate the COVID-19 epidemic.

We've worked with physicians and mental health professionals to gather resources for helping people cope with the challenges of COVID-19. Our hope is that the habits we make now will last longer after the pandemic ends.

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