Older Adults

COVID-19 has made it hard to connect and maintain support groups you might have relied on pre-pandemic. Finding ways to stay connected and have a positive outlook are important to maintaining your overall well- being.

Looking for a way to engage your kids before bed? Goodnight Zoom connects seniors with families to create a new kind of bedtime story experience.
While it is recommended, especially for at-risk populations, to isolate and social distance, it can be hard emotionally not seeing friends or loved ones. Understand how you can help ease isolation and still feel connected.
Depression can be common in older adults but it’s not a normal part of aging. Understand the signs, symptoms, and what to if you or a loved one are struggling with depression.
As more people are spending time at home and away from typical social activities, feelings of loneliness and social isolation can start to set in, negatively affecting overall well-being. Combat these by learning how to stay connected.

We've worked with physicians and mental health professionals to gather resources for helping people cope with the challenges of COVID-19. Our hope is that the habits we make now will last longer after the pandemic ends.

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