Family activities

Home is where the heart is–and now the gym, school, work, and everything else. It’s normal to feel like you are in a rut and not sure what to do at home- whether it’s with family, roommates, or yourself, check out some great ideas to keep your hands busy and maybe even find your creative bone.

Unsure where to start on how to keep your children safe from coronavirus? Learn about how to keep your kids healthy and help them cope with stress during the pandemic.
Worrying about your child’s health is normal as a parent, but how do you protect them with the added layer of concern of COVID-19? Learn strategies on how to maintain their wellbeing.
If your child is learning virtually this year or has a mix of in-person and virtual classroom learning, understand how to help keep them engaged.
Parenting a child at any age can be a challenge. Discover resources to develop a strong foundation for your child to help them grow, learn, and thrive.
Indulging your creative bone helps keep your body and brain healthy. Not sure if you're artistic? You’ll never know if you don’t try.
Looking for a way to engage your kids before bed? Goodnight Zoom connects seniors with families to create a new kind of bedtime story experience.
Working from home is one challenge, but what about schooling from home? Discover basic steps you can follow to help the transition to learning at home for your children.
You don’t need to define yourself as a creative to make art. Check out these simple projects to express yourself in a different medium.
Boredom is all too real right now. While most activities we typically enjoy aren’t safe to engage in, there are other great ideas to fascinate your mind, keep your hands busy, or even learn something new.